Financial Aid Census Date and Enrollment Verification

Grants and loans are posted to student accounts separately for each of the fall and spring semesters after enrollment is verified. For students enrolled in traditional undergraduate programs, enrollment verification takes place upon completion of the 28th day of each semester, the financial aid census date. For students enrolled in accelerated undergraduate and graduate programs, enrollment is determined after the "drop without record date" (drop date) for each session for which the student is enrolled during the semester. If a student is taking classes outside the primary program area, some forms of aid may not be disbursed until after the LAST drop date for which the student is enrolled or when half-time enrollment is reached.

A student's financial award is accurate based on the number of credits for which the student is enrolled. Depending on status it is possible for the award to increase, decrease, or be canceled. If the award changes, an e-mail notification will be sent using Stevenson's email address.