Graduate Grading Policy

A student's performance in a course will be measured in accordance with the following grading system.

A = 4.0

Excellent: Outstanding achievement and initiative exceeding course requirements.

B = 3.0

Good: Work meeting minimum course requirements at the graduate level.

C = 2.0

Unsatisfactory: Work failing to meet the minimum course requirements. It is the lowest possible passing grade.

F = 0.0

Failure: Academic Probation


The grade of "C" is the lowest acceptable grade, and only one can be awarded during the program.

The grade of "B" represents work meeting minimum course requirements at the graduate level. The student receiving a grade of "B" has consistently demonstrated a complete understanding of the material and concepts presented throughout the course. Additionally, the student has completed all course requirements on time, exhibited enthusiastic interest in topics and discussions and is able to present and apply course concepts in a clear and organized manner, both orally and on written tests.

The grade of "A" is awarded only to those students who fully meet the above standard, who additionally demonstrate exceptional comprehension and application of the course material, and demonstrate initiative in exceeding course requirements.