Nursing - RN to BS Option Program Requirements

The following are the major courses required for students in the RN/BS option.

Major Requirements:

NURS 312

Physical Assessment and Pathophysiology

NURS 313

Professional Seminar I

NURS 315

Information Technology in Nursing and Health Care

NURS 414

Nursing Leadership for RNs

NURS 415

Professional Seminar II

NURS 418

Nursing Research for RNs

NURS 424

Health in the Community

NURS 434

Professional Seminar III

Upper-level elective*


Please refer to the course requirements for RN to BS Students section of the program description for additional course requirements.

*The upper-level elective must be taken at Stevenson University and may include courses from any discipline, such as sociology, psychology, history, philosophy, or religion.
Students who have been accepted into the RN to MS option will take the first graduate nursing course to fulfill the elective requirement.