Business and Technology Management Program Description

Stevenson University's Master of Science in Business and Technology Management equips students with the skills and knowledge required to help organizations achieve a competitive advantage in an increasingly global, technology-driven, and information-rich marketplace. The degree program provide students not only with knowledge about a wide variety of technologies and their architectures but also with an understanding of how to obtain the integration of the full range of information technologies within an organization, from both strategic and operational perspectives. It is designed either for students interested in furthering their knowledge of the use and deployment of technology or for the business professional looking to improve management skills along with a practical working knowledge of today's information technologies.

Graduates of Stevenson's master's degree program will be able to interpret hardware and software standards, manipulate the architecture of current and emerging technologies, and interpret and evaluate the impact of these technologies on competition, organizational structure and work flow processes. They will have the knowledge and ability to communicate effectively on business and technical concerns with all levels of personnel both within and external to the organization.

The master's degree addresses this need on three levels: the organization, the individual, and the technology. The program core begins by providing an overview of the organization's processes and the systems that support them to achieve the corporation's goals. This is followed by courses dealing with the concepts of human cognition and creativity that address why IT systems frequently fail to meet the requirements of customers. Armed with this knowledge, the IT systems professional can be creative and innovative in more accurately solving the organization's problems and meeting the needs of the customer. The intent is to emphasize the need for information systems professionals to be creative in problem solving and innovative in finding opportunities within the organization.

The degree program has three tracks. The advanced information technologies track focuses on the technology and implementation of application, infrastructure, and database design. The emerging technology and innovative leadership tracks focus on the business and management of both internal and external information systems essential for support of the organization's connection to its partners and customers.

The capstone courses provide for the integration of practice and theory across the three tracks.

All courses can be completed entirely online. Some courses are also offered in an 8-week hybrid format where students meet one night per week.