BTM 634 Enterprise Data Management

3 credits

Prepares students for the development of large-scale, enterprise-wide systems that manage, store, and distribute an organization's data. From a database viewpoint, students learn about types of databases, relational database theory and modeling, database design processes, database schema and normalization, transaction processing, data-base locking and tuning, two-phase commits, replication, and distributed databases. Included are overviews of text data processing, data warehousing, data mining, Very Large Databases, Object-Oriented Databases, and Geo-graphic Information Systems. From a hardware viewpoint, students learn about processor types and architectures, disk arrays, and special hardware for text processing. Finally, from a data distribution viewpoint, students learn about Web servers, middleware, ODBC/JDBC, and Transaction Processing Monitors, and learn how these are incorporated into the enterprise information structure.

Prerequisite(s): None