FSCOR 701 Mock Trial Capstone

3 credits

Prepares students to testify in court proceedings by requiring them to undergo examination in a mock grand jury setting, a mock trial cross-examination and/or a mock deposition. Oral communication skills as they relate to eliciting and giving testimony will be stressed. The effective use of exhibits as aids to testimony will be emphasized. Students will learn how to present physical and documentary evidence using technology that includes a document camera, SmartBoard, and projection media. Students also prepare CVs. Class will focus on discussion of the American Court system, courtroom procedures, relevant Fourth Amendment cases, the admissibility of expert testimony, ethics and objectivity as they pertain to experts, and how to be an effective testifying expert. Legal cases will be analyzed with respect to the proper collection, analysis and presentation of evidence in court. Students will have the opportunity to discuss with practicing forensic scientists, technicians and members of the defense bar, issues that pertain to proper evidence collection and testifying in court.

Prerequisite(s): 33 graduate credits, including all FSCOR courses.