FSCOR 702 Mock Trial Capstone

6 credits

Examines how evidence is presented in the courtroom during a simulated proceeding, which is the culminating event of the class. Oral communication skills as they relate to eliciting and giving testimony are stressed. Preparation for the proceeding focuses on locating and analyzing all relevant evidence, constructing a theory, drafting questions and/or testimony, applying evidence law, and preparing and using exhibits. Students will develop the skills necessary to elicit testimony and/or to be testifying examiners in the fields of forensic accounting, computer forensics, criminalistics, and investigations.

Prerequisite(s): 30 graduate credits in Forensic Studies, including all FSCOR courses. (Note: Students are not permitted to take another course concurrently, except by permission of the Department Chair)

Students participating in the summer mock trial session must be in residence for the entire week of the proceeding.