Business & Technology Management Program Requirements

The curriculum for the M.S. in business and technology management consists of three components: core courses, track elective courses, and capstone courses.

Core Courses (15 credits):

BTM 601

Information Technology and the Organization

BTM 604

Cognitive Science for Requirements Analysis

BTM 606

Creativity in Information Systems

BTM 644

Project Management

BTM 663

Information Technology Law and Law Enforcement

Students select one of the following tracks (15 credits)

Track One: Advanced Information Technology

Students take the following five courses:

BTM 618

Network Technologies

BTM 630

Object-Oriented Technology with C#

BTM 632

Client Server Computing with ASP.NET

BTM 634

Enterprise Data Management

BTM 638

Enterprise Application Development

Track Two: Emerging Technology Management

Students select five courses from the following (15 credits):

BTM 640

Operating Environments Architecture & Infrastructure

BTM 642

Enterprise Application Process Analysis

BTM 643

E-Commerce Technologies

BTM 646

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

BTM 661

E-Systems Security

BTM 662

B2B Applications

Track Three: Innovative Leadership

Students select five courses from the following (15 credits):

BTM 635

Innovative Management and Leadership

BTM 645

Supply Chain Management

BTM 667

Customer Relationship Management

BTM 670

Competitive Theory

BTM 671

Innovative Strategies

BTM 672

I.T. Financial Management

Capstone Courses (6 credits):

BTM 701

Systems Integration

BTM 702

Master's Project