Computer Forensics Track Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, a graduate in the computer forensics track will be able to

  • Identify corporate liability in handling and preserving electronic data.
  • Perform the steps in the collection, handling, and preservation of digital evidence.
  • Identify forensic tools and their use in recovering operating systems, artifacts and data, and the classes of forensic tools and the tasks they perform.
  • Apply the concepts of system policies, auditing, and data recovery, and perform forensic recovery operations using the latest tool sets.
  • Configure logging utilities to track key events and preserve forensic evidence.
  • Identify the classes of system exploits and the vulnerabilities they attack.
  • Defend the network and system against hacking exploits and evaluate and select appropriate countermeasure products.
  • Design an appropriate recovery strategy, create a disaster recovery plan, and develop a plan to test the recovery plan.
  • Develop criteria for comparing intrusion detection systems and firewall products and configure such products to block unwanted transmissions.
  • Synthesize auditing, computer forensic, and investigative skills.