Criminalistics Track Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, a graduate in the criminalistics track will be able to

  • Distinguish among the forensic science techniques used to examine various types of evidence.
  • Examine the interaction of forensic science and criminal investigation techniques within the structure of the criminal justice system.
  • Justify the use of specific investigative and evidence collection techniques in specific settings.
  • Conduct investigative research using the Internet, public records, and other sources of information.
  • Apply various types of interviewing techniques, including interviewing friendly witnesses, hostile witnesses, and subjects of investigations.
  • Synthesize facts and observations into coherent, defensible conclusions.
  • Analyze standards of ethical behavior and their relationship to workplace demands in the practice of criminalistics.
  • Apply pertinent rules of evidence in a courtroom setting; create and conduct direct and cross examinations of witnesses.