Cyber Forensics Program Outcomes

Upon Completion of the Master of Science in Cyber Forensics, graduates will be able to:

  1. Select the appropriate tools to recover operating systems, artifacts, and data.
  2. Identify current attack vectors and exploited vulnerabilities, including advanced persistent threats, used by criminals to gain access to information systems and propose appropriate defenses to exploitation.
  3. Analyze information systems for signs of breaches and identify data that has been exfiltrated from those systems.
  4. Produce a professional forensic report that includes the methodology used for the collection, handling, and preservation of digital evidence
  5. Interpret and apply the applicable laws and statutes that govern the search and seizure of digital evidence.
  6. Collect and preserve digital evidence (including volatile data and network data) during a computer forensic examination in an appropriate and effective manner.
  7. Provide an oral defense of the findings that appear in a written report.