Healthcare Management Program Policies

The grade of "C" is the lowest acceptable grade, and only one can be awarded during the program. A student may repeat one course in a graduate program one time. Once a student has repeated a course, the student will not be permitted to repeat any other courses. If a student repeats a course, only the latter grade is used in computing the grade point average. However, all courses taken become a part of the student's academic record. Further, a student may withdraw from each graduate course one time only.

A minimum cumulative 3.00 grade point average on all graduate work attempted is required for graduation. Only one grade of "C" may be applied toward the GPA requirement. Degree requirements must be completed within seven years after the first course applied to the degree was completed.

Newly admitted students to the MS in HCM program are allowed to take only one course in the first session after their admission. Depending on the date of admission, the student must take either HCM 600 or HCM 605 as their first and only course. More than one course in their first session requires written permission from the program coordinator. Upon successful completion of their first session, students may register for more than one course.