Biological Sciences Advisory Board

Gwenda L. Brewer, M.S.

Program Manager - Science Program

Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Sheldon E. Broedel, Ph.D.

Chief Executive and Science Officer

Athena ES, Inc.

Nancy DeSesa, M.B.A.

Operations Manager

Molecular Manufacturing

BD Diagnostics Systems

J. Adam Frederick, M.S.

Assistant Director for Education

Maryland Sea Grant Program

Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology

Christine F. Hohman, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology

Morgan State University

Peter S. Liao, M.D.

Staff Surgeon

MD Vein Professionals

Mark A. Schenerman, Ph.D.

Vice President, Analytical Biochemistry

MedImmune, Inc.

Christine Shumaker

Coordinator, Secondary Science
Baltimore County Public Schools

Robert Stephens, Ph.D.

Director, Bioinformatics Support Group

Advanced Biomedical Computing Center

Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research

Neil Talbot, Ph.D.

Gene Evaluation and Mapping

Animal Bioscience and Biotechnology Laboratory


Vicki Wolff-Long, Ph.D.

Vice President and General Manager

Biosciences Division

Emergent BioSolutions