HCM 720 Capstone in Healthcare Management

8 credits

Integrates and applies healthcare leadership competencies to professional experiences in healthcare organizations. Students work in teams to address Quality Improvement and Patient Safety or Project Management problems. Outcomes include unique products, services, or processes. Students must demonstrate effective teamwork, written, verbal, and interpersonal proficiencies. Students are expected to complete 48 hours of face-to-face time with faculty as part of this experience, which can be satisfied by attending a 6-day, summer HCM 720 Capstone, 8 hours per day residency for team work and public presentation of projects from work completed in students’ concentrations. Alternatively, this requirement can be satisfied in hybrid format (classes meeting two evenings per week) if taken in spring or fall.

Prerequisite(s): 39 graduate credits in Healthcare Management, including all HCM courses in the Core and a Concentration. Students are not permitted to take HCM 720 concurrently with the required prerequisite credits, except by special permission of the Program Coordinator.