Registration takes place on the days scheduled in the academic calendar. Students may register on or after their assigned appointment time, and registration is done online using WebXpress. For those unable to access a computer, in-person registration is also available in the Registrar’s Office. Prior to registration, students with fewer than 30 completed credits, students without a declared major, and students in certain programs (as designated by the department chair) are required to meet with their advisor to review their schedule. It is the advisor’s responsibility to check the student off in WebXpress so that registration will be enabled for the student. All students regardless of major or year are strongly encouraged to consult with their advisor prior to registration. After registration, students not using E-Advising, are required to submit their signed registration form to the Registrar’s Office as verification of advisor approval of courses.

There are several circumstances that could cause a student's registration to be blocked. Students who have not completed the required Student Health Form will not be allowed to register as well as those students who have not met their financial obligations to the University. Those students who have not been cleared by Student Accounts prior to the start of the semester will be removed from their classes.

Courses may be canceled for insufficient enrollment, and students will be notified via email regarding course cancellations.

All prerequisites, including any minimum grade requirements, for a course must be fulfilled prior to starting the course. Students may be removed from a course when the prerequisites have not been met. Students are not permitted to "sit in" on classes for which they are not registered.