The Stevenson Approach

Imagine Your Future. Design Your Career.®

Stevenson University provides a distinctive, career-focused and personalized environment for undergraduate, pre-professional, and graduate students. The cornerstone of the mission is an educational experience to engage students in their personal, social, and intellectual growth by identifying and supporting career planning while encompassing liberal arts, science, and technology. The university encourages and supports a learning atmosphere based on core values, knowledge of its students, and the practicable of broadening students' horizons for adapting to the changing world in which we live.

Through its School of Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS), undergraduate and graduate degrees are available to adult students seeking to establish careers, enhance existing careers, or change careers. GPS provides an adult-focused learning environment that includes flexible and accelerated formats, multiple avenues for access, state-of-the-art technology, support services, and practical, hands-on applications to enable students to meet the challenges of today's work environment. GPS offers accelerated degree programs that are designed to enable busy people to complete their degrees and pursue their career goals while maintaining their work and family schedules.

Most undergraduate degrees can be completed within eighteen to twenty-four months depending on the number of credits a student has acquired before entering the program. Many undergraduate degree programs can be completed by taking courses that are scheduled in a mixed 5, 8, or 10-week accelerated hybrid or online format, or in a traditional 15-week format. Depending on the courses, classes meet either once or twice weekly in the evenings, or on the weekends. Class work incorporates hands-on projects, practical knowledge that is applicable to everyday work challenges, and group interactions with fellow students. Students are expected to complete many of their assignments and coursework outside of class, using the web, email, and other means.

Students progress through the program with other adults who have the same busy lifestyles, motivation, and challenges. This provides camaraderie as well as a rich and exciting learning environment.

The university's accelerated graduate degrees can be completed in as few as sixteen to eighteen months. An accelerated graduate program in Advanced Information Technology is offered in 8-week sessions. The University's Forensic Studies and Business and Technology Management programs are offered in 8-week sessions, either onsite or online. A graduate degree in Forensic Science is offered in an accelerated hybrid format.