Dining Services

Stevenson University offers dining services at both the Greenspring and Owings Mills campuses.

The Marketplace is an innovative, all-you-can eat dining experience located in the Rockland Center at Owings Mills. In addition, Pandini's, a new and innovative Italian eatery, is also located on the first floor of Rockland and offers a fantastic menu of hand-stretched gourmet pizzas and flatbread sandwiches with operating hours separate from the Marketplace. Pandini's includes comfortable seating and plasma televisions to enhance the experience. The popular coffee shop, Jazzman's Café, is in the nearby Avalon Community Center. Meal plan blocks and flex dollars are accepted at all Owings Mills dining locations.

At Greenspring, the Mustang Corral offers a la carte options Monday through Friday in the Student Union. Everyone is welcome and students on meal plans can use their blocks and flex dollars in this location. A new food concept, Sandella's, has been added to the Corral to provide fresh wraps and personal pizzas. On the lower level of the Student Union, SubConnection offers a fantastic menu of subs and sandwiches. Watch for new and exciting concepts from the food service. We are always looking to enhance student life.