Accelerated Undergraduate Students

Admission as a non-degree seeking undergraduate student requires submission of the following:

  1. Special application for non-degree status.
  2. High school transcript (required only for students who have been out of high school for less than two years and have not attended college)
  3. College transcripts At the time of registration, students who have attended college must provide transcripts of all prior credit courses from all colleges attended. Students must be in good standing at the last college attended and must meet the same GPA requirements as those stated for degree-seeking students.
  4. Letter of permission from the home institution (Applicants who are visiting college students—those planning to take a course and transfer it to their home institution—must provide a letter from the Registrar of their home institution giving permission to take specific courses at Stevenson University.)

Non-degree students must take fewer than 12 credits in a semester and are not eligible for financial aid.

A non-degree student may become a degree student by applying for and being granted formal admission. Application must be made prior to the student's enrollment in the last 30 semester hours of academic credit required for a degree at Stevenson University. In addition, the last 30 semester hours of academic credit must be completed at Stevenson University unless a waiver is granted in writing by the Dean of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies. For admission as a degree student, a non-degree student must meet the same criteria as a transfer student.

A student denied admission as a degree student may enroll as a non-degree student only with the approval of the Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management.