Accelerated Paralegal Second Bachelor's Degree

Program Description

The Accelerated Paralegal Second Bachelor's Degree is 40 credits. Students may complete the accelerated program in as little as two years.

Program Requirements

Students enrolled in this program must complete the following:

LAW 102

Introduction to Legal Studies (3 credits)

LAW 112

Torts (3 credits)

LAW 120

Fundamentals of Law I (3 credits)

LAW 125

Legal Research & Writing I (3 credits)

LAW 204

Constitutional Law (3 credits)

LAW 210

Legal Research & Writing II (3 credits)

LAW 216

Civil Litigation & Pleading (3 credits)

LAW 480

Senior Seminar (4 credits)

In addition to the above required courses, students must complete 15 credits of law electives, 12 of which must be at the upper level.