Advanced Information Technologies Program Description

This program is designed to provide the IT professional with cutting edge experience and knowledge in the leading application, network, and database design technologies of the day. This program provides key competencies for those following the career path of programmer, systems designer, systems integrator, database designer, and network designer. Technology professionals will gain in-depth knowledge of leading edge technologies, enabling them to choose the best technology solution for today's business problems. This degree is offered in an accelerated format.

Information Systems experience and literature shows that most system projects fail, not for technical reasons, but because the information analyst fails to define appropriate and accurate business and technical requirements. Core courses address this failing. The Cognitive Science and Requirements Analysis course provides the student with an understanding of human cognition, as well as its limitations and biases. The Creativity in Information Systems course describes how information systems have evolved from merely supporting operational back office functions to being the main vehicle for innovation in the enterprise and emphasizes that the information systems professional must be creative in problem solving and innovative in finding opportunities within the organization.

There are two groups of electives: Infrastructure Design and Application Development. While each group investigates specific technologies, the application development electives take into consideration the support of business processes by the development of custom-made software applications, while the infrastructure design electives investigate the use of networking and telecommunications platforms which serve as the technological foundation for the implementation of business processes.