Business and Technology Management Program Description

The Business and Technology Management degree is designed for the business professional and provides a practical working knowledge of today's information technologies. All successful companies today rely on a core information technology infrastructure to carry on day-to-day operations. These mission critical systems contain the business rules and key data on products, services, and customers. They are often customer designed in-house or out-sourced to satisfy the requirements of the organizations and business processes they support. Managing these technologies and their development requires knowledge of the best practices in systems planning and design as well as project management in the IT area. The Master's degree in Business and Technology management addresses this need on three levels: the organization, the individual, and the technology. The program core begins by providing an overview of the organization's processes and the systems that support them to achieve the corporation's goals. That is followed by courses dealing with the concepts of human cognition and creativity that address why IT systems frequently fail to meet the requirements of the customer.

Armed with this knowledge, the IT systems professional can be creative and innovative in more accurately solving the organization's problems and meeting the needs of the customer.

Students elect one of two tracks. Tracks are offered in Emerging Technology Management and Innovative Leadership. This degree is offered in an accelerated online and onsite format.