IS 135 Advanced MS Office Applications

3 credits

Designing professional quality business and technical documentation requiring a high level of competency in the most widely used suite of business applications, Microsoft Office is the emphasis of this course. Students will learn to produce professional business documentation using advanced features of MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. Emphasis will be placed on those functions commonly used in the workplace, such as desktop publishing, merged documents, merged data sources, applying styles, creating templates, citations, indexes, object linking and embedding, macros, advanced table techniques, revision tracking, and large scale document production to include use of multi-file master and sub documents. The course will focus on MS Excel features such as formulas, functions, charts, graphics, filters, pivot tables, web publishing, import and export data sources, and troubleshooting complex spreadsheet problems. Students will learn how to effectively integrate tables, charts, and spreadsheets into PowerPoint presentations.

Prerequisite(s): IS 134 or permission of Interim Department Chair, Business Information Systems and Computer Information Systems.