NURS 434 Clinical Seminar and Practicum

5 credits

Designed as the last in the RN-to-BS course sequence to assist the student in synthesizing concepts and experiences from their course work into an integrated whole. Using a balance of theoretical learning and clinical experiences, students will refine their nursing practice through a mentored relationship, and reflect upon the transformative aspects of education. Students will select a clinical experience that expands their current clinical expertise or that allows them to explore a new arena of nursing practice. Thirty hours of mentored practice will be required and research will expand the student's understanding of the selected clinical setting and a concept for presentation in a seminar. Theoretical concepts will be explored through face-to-face and online lecture/discussions, online learning activities and student postings to the discussion board equaling 75 hours; Students preparing to take this course must have completed all program requirements.

Prerequisite(s): NURS 414, NURS 424 or permission of department.