AIT 651 Managing Emerging Technologies

3 credits

With the high-tech future facing existing firms and the ways they must weigh and accommodate its impacts in order to compete in the future, the course focuses on the strategic management of technology and innovation in firms. Emphasis is on identifying, researching, and presenting current technological topics for class consideration and discussion. Upon completion, students should be able to understand the importance of keeping abreast of technological changes that affect the new business environment. This course examines the issues related to the management of the R&D and innovation process, with emphasis on new product development and the commercialization of technology. The course focuses on strategic, behavioral, inter-functional (team) and international aspects of the innovation and new product development (NPD) processes. Topics include promotion of creativity, strategic management and competitiveness, technology transfer, entrepreneurship, and the processes by which new products are brought into the marketplace. Advances in technology, including information technology and the Internet, and the evaluation of technology on the economy and society are also discussed. This course serves as an alternative elective for the AIT and B&TM programs.

Prerequisite(s): None