FSCI 761 Research Project & Presentation II

3 credits

This is a laboratory based research project that will culminate in a formal master's thesis or a formal scientific paper. This course is the second half of a two course, year-long sequence that began with FSCI 760. The student will complete the forensic science research project begun in FSCI 760 on campus or at one of the local police forensic laboratories. Under the direction of the host mentor, each student will per-form independent and original research that is part of the host laboratory's ongoing research program. The student will complete a minimum of 200 hours of laboratory work during this course toward the completion of the thesis. Requirements include keeping a formal laboratory notebook, and completing and defending the final draft of the Master's thesis. Additionally, the student will present his/her research results to the scientific community in the form of a seminar and poster presentation.

Prerequisite(s): None