Disbursement of Awards

All financial aid is disbursed by semester, one half in each term. If a student is attending only one semester, aid will post as a single disbursement in the given term.

If there is a credit balance from financial aid, a student will receive a refund check from the Student Solution Center. Refund checks are not issued until aid is posted to the student's account. Please be advised that refunds linked to State of Maryland financial aid are often delayed due to the receipt date of State funds. It is common that State funds are the last to arrive on campus.

Stevenson University Scholarship and Grant Disbursements

SU funds are available to students enrolled in traditional undergraduate programs. These funds will automatically post to your account upon completion of SU census date review.

Federal Grant Disbursements

Federal grant aid for traditional students will post to the account upon completion of the SU census date review. Federal grants for accelerated students will post after the LAST drop date for all sessions for which the student is enrolled in the semester.

Stafford & PLUS Loan Disbursements

Traditional Students: Certified loans will be disbursed and posted to a student's account upon completion of the SU census date review providing the student has maintained at least half-time enrollment.

Accelerated and Graduate Students: Enrollment status is monitored after the drop date for each of the sessions for which a student is enrolled during the semester. Once half-time enrollment is attained, the Financial Aid Office will certify and disburse the loan funds. For example, if a student is enrolled for three credit hours in 8-week 1 and three credit hours in 8-week 2 during the fall semester, the loan will be disbursed after the 8-week 2 drop date. The student must be enrolled at-least half-time at the time of disbursement.

State of Maryland Scholarship and Grant Disbursements

We will report a student's enrollment status to the Maryland Higher Education Commission upon completion of the SU census date review. The State will disburse funds to the University via EFT in November for the fall semester and March for the spring semester.

Work-Study Funds Disbursements

Work-Study earnings are not posted to student accounts. The student will receive a bi-weekly paycheck directly from your supervisor.

Private Scholarship, Grant, and Loan Disbursements

Private scholarships and awards from independent sources will be credited to a student's account upon receipt of these funds by the SU Office of Student Accounts. It is often the case that private scholarship funds are sent to the university in one check and therefore, are posted to your account as a single disbursement for the fall semester.

All Funds

If a student is taking classes outside his primary program area, some forms of aid may not be disbursed until after the LAST drop date for which the student is enrolled or when half-time enrollment is reached.