Nursing Division Awards

The Sharon Anne Dwyer Award for Excellence in Clinical Practice is presented to the pre-licensure and RN/BS graduate who has demonstrated excellence in both the art and science of nursing and whose care of patients and families is characterized by creativity, insight, compassion, and accountability.

The Judith A. Feustle Award is presented to the pre-licensure and RN/BS graduate who best exemplifies the holistic practice of nursing through excellence in clinical care, critical thinking, leadership, and professionalism.

The Megan Sheridan Award is given in memory of Megan Sheridan to the pre-licensure and RN/BS graduate whose vision and insight into the practice of professional nursing reflects exceptional sensitivity to the unique characteristics and needs of each patient and family entrusted to her care.

The R.O.S.E. AWARD (Recognition of Student Excellence) was initially presented by the first graduating class in May 1994 to recognize student excellence. This award is presented by the pre-licensure and RN/BS graduating class to the member of that class who best exemplifies the qualities of peer support and guidance with gratitude from your fellow students.