Course Withdrawal

To withdraw from a course, students must complete a "Withdrawal from Class Form." The form must be submitted to the Registrar's Office. Students may also complete the online form located on the Registrar's Office website at Students may not withdraw from courses online through WebXpress. Notice to the instructor of intent to withdraw is not sufficient. Students who stop attending and fail to officially withdraw from a class will be given a grade of "FX" which calculates as an "F."

Students may withdraw from a course during the published withdrawal dates. Students withdrawing from class during this period will have the grade of "W" recorded on their transcript; a grade of "W" does not affect the GPA. The last date for withdrawal from a course without penalty is listed in the academic calendar for each semester. Withdrawing from a course after the published withdrawal date results in a grade of "WF" which calculates as an "F." Students may not withdraw from classes during exam week.