Nursing - Accelerated RN to BS Option Program Requirements

Students enrolled in the RN to BS program will complete the following:

Major Requirements:

NURS 312

Physical Assessment and Pathophysiology

NURS 314

Nursing Research for RNs

NURS 315

Information Technology in Nursing and Health Care

NURS 411

Professional Seminar I

NURS 414

Nursing Leadership for RNs

NURS 415

Professional Seminar II

NURS 424

Health in the Community

NURS 434

Clinical Seminar & Practicum

Secondary Requirements:

BIO 203


BIO 205

Anatomy and Physiology I

BIO 206

Anatomy and Physiology II

BIO 240


CHEM Elective


MATH 140

Basic Statistics

PHIL 415

Topics in Professional Ethics

PSY 101

Introduction to Psychology

PSY 108

Human Growth and Development

SOC 101

Introduction to Sociology