Forensic Sciences Program Description

Forensic science is an interdisciplinary and applied course of study which plays a crucial role in the legal justice system. Advances in instrumentation and technology have opened up new approaches to solving crime, and the need for individuals trained in both science and the law is growing. Courses are designed to provide students with specific skills in the many applied scientific areas used by forensic scientists. Graduates of our program will be prepared for employment in local, state, or federal government crime laboratories, forensics laboratories, DNA testing facilities, the biotechnology industry, and/or continued study at the doctoral level.

Our forensic sciences program is the only one of its kind to be offered in partnership with the Maryland State Police Forensic Sciences Division. Stevenson's partnership with the Maryland State Police (MSP) and Baltimore County Crime Lab means that students in our program are being trained by some of the top experts in the field. On-site, practical training at the MSP forensic science laboratories and other local forensics laboratories provides an exceptional opportunity for our students to experience "real-life" forensic science.