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Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy
Academic Calendar 2010-2011
Fall Semester 2010
Spring Session 2011
May Term 2011
Summer Session 2011
President's Letter
The Stevenson Approach
Academic Coursework
The Career Architecture Process
Learning Beyond
Stevenson Ideals
Diversity Statement
History of Stevenson University
Founding of Villa Julie College
Baccalaureate Degrees Granted for First Time
Changes Through the 1990s
New President Inaugurated
Villa Julie Expands to Owings Mills Campus
Academic Programs Continue to Grow
University Status and Name Change
Accreditations and Memberships
Program Accreditations for Accelerated Programs
University Memberships
Life at Stevenson
Student Life
Athletics at SU
Intercollegiate Athletics
Caves Sports and Wellness Center, New Gymnasium, and Fitness Facilities
Clubs and Organizations
Student Government Association
Student Clubs and Organizations
Community Outreach and Service
Educational Services to the Community
Community Service Opportunities for Students
Cultural Activities
Honor Societies
Lambda Epsilon Chi - National Honor Society for Paralegal Studies Program
Psi Chi - National Honor Society in Psychology
Sigma Alpha Pi - National Leadership Honor Society
Sigma Tau Delta - International English Honor Society
Sigma Theta Tau - International Honor Society of Nursing
Student Publications
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Verizon Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Mock Trial Courtroom
The Wellness Center
Student Health Services
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General Admissions Policy
Admissions Procedures and Processes
Admission to Accelerated Undergraduate Programs
Transfer of Credit
Admission to Graduate Programs
Application Deadline
International Students
Admissions Requirements for International Students
Military Service Members
Non-Degree Students
Accelerated Undergraduate Students
Graduate Students
Admission to the BS/MS Option for Current Stevenson University Undergraduates
Business and Technology Management or Forensic Studies
Forensic Sciences Option in Biotechnology Program
Forensic Sciences Option in Chemistry Program
Computer Literacy Assessment
Advanced Placement
International Baccalaureate
Prior Learning Credit
Financial Information
Tuition and Fees (2010–2011)
Refund Policy
Financial Aid
Federal Financial Aid Programs
Maryland State Programs
Service to Scholarship Partnership Grant
Veterans' Benefits
Qualifying for Need-Based Aid
Need-Based Aid Application Procedure
Student Eligibility Requirements
Awarding of Aid
Cost of Attendance
Financial Aid Census Date and Enrollment Verification
Disbursement of Awards
Book Vouchers
Student Loan Entrance and Exit Counseling
Financial Aid Verification
Continued Eligibility
Stevenson Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
Return of Title IV Funds Policy
General Academic Information
University Curriculum
Accelerated Bachelor's Degree Programs
BS/MS Degree Options
BS/MS Options Leading to Master's Degrees in Business and Technology Management and Forensic Studies
BS/MS Option Leading to Master's Degree in Forensic Sciences
Second Bachelor's Degrees
Master's Degrees
Special Programs
Internship (non-credit)
Internship (for credit)
Directed Study
University Curriculum Objectives
Philosophy and Objectives of the Core Curriculum
University Degree Requirements
Requirements for the Bachelor's Degree
Core Curriculum (Bachelor's Degree)
Graduation Information
Graduation Application
Graduation Ceremonies
Graduation with Academic Honors
Graduation Awards for Accelerated Students
Dean's Award for Exceptional Scholarship
Marion and Henry J. Knott Achievement Award
Nursing Awards
Academic Policies
Academic Awards
Academic Achievement List
Dean's List
Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges
Academic Information
Academic Standing - Undergraduate Students
Grade Point Average
Academic Probation
Academic Suspension
Academic Standing - Graduate Students
Access to Records
Auditing Courses
Calculation of Class Level
Course Add/Drop
Course Load
Course Registration
Course Withdrawal
Final Examinations
Grading Scale - Undergraduate
Grading System - Undergraduate
Graduate Grading Policy
Leave of Absence
Non-Credit Courses
Online Course Non-Participation Policy
Pass/No Credit Option
Policy on Matriculated Students Taking Courses Elsewhere
Repeating Courses
Repeating Courses - Undergraduate Students
Repeating Courses - Graduate Students
Transcript Requests
Withdrawal from University
Academic and Support Services Policies
Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
Student Conduct and Performance
Grade Appeals
Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty
Student Grievances
Undergraduate Fields of Study
Business Administration
Business Administration Program Description
Business Administration Program Outcomes
Business Administration Program Policies
Business Administration Program Requirements
Business Administration Other Options
Business Information Systems
Business Information Systems Program Description
Business Information Systems Program Outcomes
Business Information Systems Program Policies
Business Information Systems Program Requirements
Business Information Systems Other Options
Computer Information Systems
Computer Information Systems Program Description
Computer Forensics Track
Network Design Track
Software Design Track
Computer Information Systems Program Outcomes
Computer Informations Systems Program Policies
Computer Informations Systems Program Requirements
Computer Information Systems Other Options
Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice Program Description
Criminal Justice Program Outcomes
Criminal Justice Program Law Enforcement Track Outcomes
Criminal Justice Program Social Service Track Outcomes
Criminal Justice Program Policies
Criminal Justice Program Requirements
Criminal Justice Other Options
Interdisciplinary Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies Program Description
Interdisciplinary Studies Program Outcomes
Interdisciplinary Studies Program Policies
Interdisciplinary Studies Program Requirements
Interdisciplinary Studies Other Options
Nursing Department Statement of Purpose
Nursing Program Outcomes
Nursing - Accelerated RN to BS Option Program Policies
Nursing - Accelerated RN to BS Option Program Description
Nursing - Accelerated RN to BS Option Program Requirements
Nursing - Accelerated RN to BS Option Other Requirements
Paralegal Studies
Paralegal Studies Program Description
Paralegal Studies Program Outcomes
Paralegal Studies Program Policies
Paralegal Studies Program Requirements
Paralegal Studies Other Options
Accelerated Paralegal Second Bachelor's Degree
Graduate Fields of Study
Business and Technology Management
Business and Technology Management Program Description
Advanced Information Technologies Track
Emerging Technology Management Track
Innovative Leadership Track
Business and Technology Management Program Outcomes
Business and Technology Management Program Policies
Business & Technology Management Program Requirements
Forensic Sciences
Forensic Sciences Program Description
Forensic Sciences Program Outcomes
Forensic Sciences Program Policies
Forensic Sciences Prerequisite Requirements
Forensic Sciences Program Requirements
Forensic Studies
Forensic Studies Program Description
Accounting Track
Computer Forensics Graduate Track
Criminalistics Track
Interdisciplinary Track
Investigations Track
Legal Track
Forensic Studies Program Outcomes
Accounting Track Outcomes
Computer Forensics Track Outcomes
Criminalistics Track Outcomes
Interdisciplinary Track Outcomes
Investigations Track Outcomes
Legal Track Outcomes
Forensic Studies Program Policies
Forensic Studies Program Requirements
Accounting Track Requirements
Computer Forensics Track Requirements
Criminalistics Track Requirements
Interdisciplinary Track Requirements
Investigations Track Requirements
Legal Track Requirements
Undergraduate Course Descriptions
ACC 101 Principles of Accounting I
ACC 102 Principles of Accounting II
ACC 215 Financial Accounting
ACC 221 Cost and Managerial Accounting
ART 305 Topics in Art History
BIO 240 Nutrition
CM 101 Public Speaking
Criminal Justice Courses
CJUS 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJUS 201/HSR 201 Introduction to Human Services
CJUS 204/LAW 204 Constitutional Law
CJUS 215/LAW 215 Criminal Law
CJUS 259/LAW 259 Children and Family Law
CJUS 260/LAW 260 Juvenile Justice
CJUS 270/HSR 270 Addictions
CJUS 315/HSR 315 Group Process and Practice
CJUS 322/LAW 322 Criminal Investigation
CJUS 350 Special Topics
CJUS 360/HSR 360 Counseling Strategies for Individuals
EC 201 Principles of Economics: Introduction to Macroeconomics
EC 202 Principles of Economics: Introduction to Microeconomics
EC 321 Money and Banking
EC 345 Economics of Gender
ENG 210 Business Writing
ENG 212 Technical Writing
ENG 281 Topics in Literature
ENG 286 Literary Genres: The Short Story
FIN 402 Foundations of Finance
HE 101 Introduction to Stress Management
HIST 110 The United States: 1877 to Present
HIST 300 The United States: Since 1945
HIST 311 Topics in History
HIST 337 The United States: The Sixties
HIST 338 History of Baltimore
Information Systems
IS 134 MS Windows and Office Applications
IS 135 Advanced MS Office Applications
IS 140 Information Systems Architecture and Design
IS 150 Relational Database Design & SQL with MS Access
IS 170 Systems Development with UML
IS 231 Network Technologies
IS 232 TCP/IP Communication Protocols for Windows and UNIX
IS 235 Advanced Windows Server Architecture & Administration
IS 240 Programming Concepts With Visual Basic .Net
IS 280 Data Management
IS 331 CISCO TCP/IP Routing
IS 380 Information Security for the Organization
IS 385 Management of Business Networks
IS 386 E-Commerce Solutions
IS 387 Wireless Technology Solutions for the Office
IS 391 Incident Response and Investigation Methods
IS 392 Information Systems Forensics Internals - Auditing
IS 393 Forensic Evidence Collection Tools and Techniques
IS 432 Network Security—Firewalls, IDS, and Counter Measures
IS 480 Technology Law
IS 481 Project & Knowledge Management
Interdisciplinary Studies Courses
INDSC 224 Introduction to Research Methods
INDSC 350 Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies
INDSC 450 Senior Project: Seminar in Interdisciplinary Studies
LAW 102 Introduction to Legal Studies
LAW 112 Torts
LAW 114 Estates and Trusts
LAW 120 Contract Law
LAW 125 Legal Research and Writing I
LAW 130 Business Organizations Law
LAW 204 Constitutional Law
LAW 206 Law in Maryland
LAW 208 Business Law
LAW 210 Legal Research and Writing II
LAW 215 Criminal Law
LAW 216 Civil Litigation and Pleading
LAW 223 Real Estate Transactions
LAW 225 A Internship: Part I
LAW 225 B Internship: Part II
LAW 256 Domestic Relations
LAW 260 Juvenile Justice
LAW 300 Elderlaw
LAW 302 LSAT Review
LAW 305 Special Topics in Law
LAW 312 Advanced Business Organizations
LAW 315 Advanced Estate Administration
LAW 320 Bankruptcy Law
LAW 322 Criminal Investigation
LAW 325 Employment Law
LAW 330 Advanced Estate Planning
LAW 335 Intellectual Property Law
LAW 340 Income Taxation
LAW 345 Sports Law
LAW 351 Problems in Litigation
LAW 352 Litigation Technologies
LAW 361 Immigration Law
LAW 365 Health Care Law
LAW 375 Environmental Law
LAW 380 Mediation and Negotiation
LAW 390 Law Clinic
LAW 404 Advanced Constitutional Law
LAW 410 Securities Law
LAW 415 Financial Institutions and Banking Law
LAW 423 Advanced Real Estate
LAW 450 Administrative and Government Law
LAW 462 Advanced Contract Drafting
LAW 470 International Business Law
LAW 480 Senior Seminar
MGT 204 Principles of Management
MGT 310 Organizational Behavior
MGT 312 Analysis of the Managerial Environment
MGT 313 Operations Management
MGT 316/MKT 316 Principles of Negotiation and Sales
MGT 408 Human Resource Management
MGT 413 Project Management
MGT 415 International Business Management
MGT 422 Strategic Management
MGT 424/MKT 424 Entrepreneurial Development
MGT 430 Business Capstone Seminar
MKT 206 Principles of Marketing
MKT 207 Market Research
MKT 311 Consumer Behavior
MKT 315 Sports Marketing
MKT 316/MGT 316 Principles of Negotiation and Sales
MKT 336 Integrated Marketing Communications
MKT 424/MGT 424 Entrepreneurial Development
MATH 121 College Algebra with Applications
MATH 140 Basic Statistics
MATH 210 Statistics and Probability
MUS 201 Introduction to Music in History
MUS 320 Topics in Musical Traditions
Nursing Courses
NURS 312 Physical Assessment and Pathophysiology
NURS 314 Nursing Research for RNs
NURS 315 Information Technology in Nursing and Health Care
NURS 411 Professional Seminar I
NURS 414 Nursing Leadership For RNs
NURS 415 Professional Seminar II
NURS 424 Health in the Community
NURS 434 Clinical Seminar and Practicum
PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 104 Logic
PHIL 415 Professional Ethics
PHIL 416 Business Ethics
Physical Science
PHSCI 206 Meteorology
Political Science
POSCI 102 American Government: Political Institutions and Procedures
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 108 Human Growth and Development
PSY 208 Human Sexuality
PSY 215 Psychopathology
PSY 350 Advanced Topics in Psychology
REL 302 Comparative Religious Thought
REL 303 Contemporary Religion in America
REL 315 Topics in Religion
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
THEA 121 Introduction to Theatre
Graduate Course Descriptions
Business and Technology Management Courses
BTM 601 Information Technologies and the Organization
BTM 604 Cognitive Science for Requirements Analysis
BTM 606 Creativity in Information Systems
BTM 618 Network Technologies
BTM 630 Object-Oriented Technologies and C#
BTM 632 Client/Server Computing with ASP.NET
BTM 634 Enterprise Data Management
BTM 635 Innovative Leadership & Management
BTM 638 Enterprise Application Development using XML
BTM 640 Operating Environments: Architecture and Infrastructure
BTM 642 Enterprise Application Process Analysis
BTM 643 Electronic Commerce
BTM 644 Project Management
BTM 645 Supply Chain Management
BTM 646 Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
BTM 661 E-Systems Security
BTM 662 B2B Applications
BTM 663 Technology Law & Enforcement Activities
BTM 667 Customer Relationship Management (E-CRM)
BTM 670 Competitive Theory
BTM 671 Innovative Strategies
BTM 672 Financial Management
BTM 701 Systems Integration
BTM 702 Master's Project
Forensic Science Courses
ART 540 Crime Scene Photography
FSCI 500 Survey of Forensic Science
FSCI 610 Physical Evidence at Crime Scenes
FSCI 615 Safety/Quality Control/Quality Assurance
FSCI 617 Trace Evidence
FSCI 620 Drug Analysis
FSCI 630 Crime Scene Investigation
FSCI 632 Pattern Analysis
FSCI 640 Serology and Immunology
FSCI 645 DNA Analysis
FSCI 655 Practicum Rotations
FSCI 660 Forensic DNA Computer Applications
FSCI 670 Forensic Toxicology
FSCI 720 Seminar in Forensic Science I
FSCI 721 Seminar in Forensic Science II
FSCI 760 Research Project & Presentation I
FSCI 761 Research Project & Presentation II
FSCOR 701 Mock Trial Capstone
Forensic Studies Courses
FSAAC 620 Forensic Information Technology
FSAAC 622 Advanced Accounting Information Systems
FSAAC 624 Fraud: Accounting
FSAAC 626 Investigation and Analysis: Auditing
FSAAC 628 Investigation and Analysis: Tax
FSCOR 601 Criminal Justice
FSCOR 604 Evidence
FSCOR 606 Forensic Journal Research and Review
FSCOR 664 Litigation Practice and Procedure
FSCOR 702 Mock Trial Capstone
FSINV 600 Investigative Techniques/Interviewing
FSINV 605 Investigative Techniques/Physical Evidence
FSIS 600 Computer and Network Essentials for Forensic Investigators
FSIS 640 Technology Law and Enforcement Activities
FSIS 642 File System Forensic Analysis
FSIS 643 Incident Response and Evidence Collection
FSIS 644 Windows Forensic Examinations
FSIS 646 Windows Intrusion Forensic Investigations
FSIS 648 Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation
FSIS 650 Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Firewalls, Auditing
FSLAW 602 Criminology
FSLAW 662 Fraud Investigation and Analysis
FSLAW 667 Legal Research & Writing
FSLAW 668 White Collar Crimes
FSLAW 670 Forensics Journal Review - Honors
Board of Trustees of Stevenson University
Office of the President
Academic Affairs
Academic Support Services
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Financial Affairs
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University Advancement
Marketing and Public Relations
Student Affairs
Residence Life
Student Activities
Wellness Center
Schools of the University
Brown School of Business and Leadership
School of Design
School of Education
School of Graduate and Professional Studies
School of Humanites and Social Sciences
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Advisory Boards and Councils
Stevenson University President's Advisory Council
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Forensic Studies Program Advisory Board
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