Federal Financial Aid Programs

Financial aid funds post to student accounts after the financial aid census date. The census date typically marks the end of the add/drop period for the semester. This is the date we take a "snapshot" of all students' enrollment to establish the "official enrollment" for reporting purposes and financial aid eligibility.

The classes for which a student is registered as of the census date determine the amount of financial aid he/she will receive. Enrollment as of the census date will be compared to the Enrollment Status on the student's Award Letter to determine if the eligibility requirements are still being me for each of the aid programs listed. Award revisions are sent via e-mail to a student’s University account. It is possible for a student's aid to be increased, decreased, or even canceled.

If a student increases or reduces the number of credits enrolled in before the census date, the financial aid may be adjusted, as appropriate, for the new enrollment level. If aid is reduced and a balance on the SU account is created, the student will be responsible for payment. If credits are added after the census date, aid will not be increased. Aid may be affected if the student is taking courses that begin after the census date. For example, if a student is enrolled in a traditional undergraduate program and taking a class that starts after the census date, the Federal Pell Grant will not be disbursed until after the last drop date for which the student is enrolled. If the student fails to begin attendance in all classes, the grant will be reduced accordingly. Loans will disburse when the student reaches half-time enrollment. Financial aid may also be affected if a student submits FAFSA information or corrections after the census date.

The Financial Aid Office should be notified immediately concerning any changes in enrollment or campus housing. Please note:

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