Usage Policy

Stevenson University’s computer labs are for the use of currently enrolled students, faculty, staff, and administrators only. These labs are for class-related and University assignments and are not for personal use. All computer users are expected to observe and comply with the University Policy on the use of computers or face access or disciplinary sanctions. Food and drink is prohibited in labs. Furthermore, because these facilities are specifically for academic purposes, no computer gaming is allowed. Students not actively working on class assignments when the lab is full, (e.g. browsing the Internet or instant messaging) will be asked to leave to make space for others who need to complete class assignments. Students are requested to use headphones while listening to computer audio in the lab environment. Cell phones should be set to vibrate, and all calls should be taken outside of the classroom and lab environment.

In addition to the computer labs, students are permitted to connect their personally-owned computer to the campus network for the purpose of conducting classroom assignments or school related business. Students are prohibited from hacking/cracking, sniffing, and other improper network activities, all of which are defined in the Computer Usage Policy. Violations of this policy may result in access restrictions and/or severe disciplinary actions. All users are strongly encouraged to read the full policy found at