Forensic Sciences Option in Chemistry Program

Chemistry majors may pursue the BS/MS option in forensic sciences. Students who wish to pursue this 4+1 program earn a B.S. in Chemistry in four years and an M.S. in forensic sciences in as little as one additional year. Students must maintain a cumulative and Science/Math GPA of 3.00 or better and a grade of "C" or better in all science and mathematics courses. Admission to the program is selective and students must apply to the master's program in their third year. Program applications will be available September 1st and due by October 1st. In order to be admitted to this BS/MS Option, the student must

  • Meet the accumulated undergraduate credit and GPA standards.
  • Meet with the chemistry department chair and the Dean of the School of the Sciences and be evaluated for suitability for this program.
  • Complete the Graduate Application and the Program Application including three letters of recommendation prior to October 1st.