BS/MS Options Leading to Master's Degrees in Business and Technology Management and Forensic Studies

Students apply for both admission to the Stevenson graduate program and admission to the BS/MS option during the first semester of their junior year. Once selected, students develop an educational plan in consultation with their undergraduate and graduate advisors.

These BS/MS options offer students a significant savings on tuition costs: Students may take at the undergraduate tuition rate up to two graduate courses (6 credits) that may count to satisfy both graduate and undergraduate University or major requirements. Students must check with undergraduate advisors to determine which courses, if any, will count toward their undergraduate degree. While still completing their undergraduate degree, students in these BS/MS options may take an additional four graduate courses (12 credits), including summer courses, at the undergraduate tuition rate. Students may take a maximum of six graduate courses (18 credits) at the undergraduate tuition rate while completing their undergraduate degree. The remaining graduate courses must be taken at the graduate tuition and fee rate after completion of the baccalaureate degree and acceptance into a graduate program.

In order to be admitted to the BS/MS option, the student must

  • Have completed at least 60 undergraduate credits at the time of application.
  • Have a minimum 3.00 GPA, or permission from the undergraduate department chair.
  • Submit a completed Application to Enroll and a completed Graduate Application by April 1 for priority consideration to begin taking graduate courses in the fall semester or by November 1 for priority consideration to begin taking graduate courses in the spring semester.
  • Complete at least 75 credits before registering for graduate courses.
  • Maintain a 3.00 minimum GPA while in the BS/MS option.