BS/MS Option Leading to Master's Degree in Forensic Sciences

Students who enter Stevenson University as freshmen will have the option of pursuing a 4+1 program where they can earn a bachelor's degree in chemistry or biotechnology in four years and a master's degree in forensic sciences in as little as one additional year. This program fully prepares students for a career in a public or private forensic laboratory, the biotechnology industry, and/or for further study at the doctoral level in forensic science.

Students choosing this option must apply to the master's program during their junior year. If admitted, they will begin taking graduate-level courses in their senior year. Students in this option must maintain a 3.00 cumulative and science/math grade point average. Admission to this program is selective, and continuance will be dependent upon demonstrated competencies, GPA, and other published measures. Program applications will be available September 1st and are due October 1st.