Paralegal Studies Other Options

BS/MS option

The BS/MS option is available for students majoring in paralegal studies who wish to combine their bachelor's coursework with work for a master's degree in one of Stevenson's graduate programs. Students choosing this option may earn both bachelor's and master's degrees in as few as five years. Students must formally apply for entrance into a BS/MS option in their junior year. Once admitted into this program, students develop an education plan in consultation with their undergraduate and graduate advisors.


A minor is available in legal studies. The minor in legal studies is not intended to prepare students to work as paralegals and is not approved by the American Bar Association. Please see an academic advisor for more information. For specific information regarding minor requirements, please consult the Minors section of the catalog.

Pre-Law Option

There is no prescribed pre-law program. Generally pre-law programs are focused on advisement. Advisors work with students to select appropriate courses that develop critical thinking and analytical skills. Many students find Stevenson University's paralegal studies program to be an excellent pre-law option. Students can combine law classes with a series of designated liberal arts courses that develop critical thinking, writing, and analytical skills. Stevenson University has a dedicated pre-law advisor who is an attorney and who can guide students in LSAT preparation and law school admissions procedures. Stevenson University is an LSAT testing site. An upper-level law elective is available to help prepare students for the LSAT exam.