Healthcare Management Program Requirements

Core Courses:

HCM 600

Managerial Epidemiology and Statistics

HCM 605

Healthcare Management and Administration

HCM 610

Healthcare Policy and Law

HCM 615

Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare

HCM 620

Human Resources Development in Healthcare

HCM 625

Strategic Planning and Marketing in Healthcare

HCM 650

Organizational Behavior in Healthcare

HCM 652

Healthcare Finance: Challenges

HCM 710

Professional Skills Development Seminar

HCM 720

Capstone in Healthcare Management

Quality Management and Patient Safety Courses:

HCM 660

Planning for Evidence-Based Practice

HCM 662

Quality Management in Health Care

HCM 665

Patient Satisfaction and Quality Improvement

HCM 667

Customer Relationship Management

HCM 669

Patient Advocacy for Healthcare Quality

Project Management in Healthcare Courses:

HCM 635

Innovative Management Leadership

HCM 640

Team Work in Healthcare Settings

HCM 642

Healthcare Project Planning and Management

HCM 644

Project Management

HCM 646

Project Management Accounting

All students must complete 120 hours of the curriculum face-to-face with faculty members. This is accomplished through HCM 605, HCM 620, and HCM 625, with three 3-day, 8 hours per day, residency weekends to demonstrate competencies in course materials (see Healthcare Management Course descriptions). These face-to-face components also include a capstone residency requirement which can be satisfied by attending a 6-day, summer HCM 720 Capstone, completed in students' concentrations. Alternatively, this requirement can be satisfied in hybrid format (classes meeting two evenings per weed) if taken in spring or fall.