Business Communication Program Description

The business communication program addresses the need of all businesses for clear, persuasive communication. Students majoring in business communication are prepared for a range of career opportunities or graduate school in management, marketing, writing or design. Graduates are employed in both the public and private sectors and in business and industry.

Business courses along with courses in communication, writing, publication, information technologies, video, photography and design provide a firm foundation in business and the flexible skills needed to succeed in an increasingly expanding and sophisticated workforce. Study in classrooms and laboratories is enhanced by the practical application of these skills in a required internship. Students learn business principles and functions and develop oral and written presentations using information technologies, video, photography and graphics. They work in teams to plan, solve problems, and produce results in a timely fashion. Through classes and practical experience, students develop research skills, technical proficiency, and the ability to work with other departments or with clients in producing newsletters, composing reports, and creating promotional materials or group presentations. Their skills also include the ability to work in event planning, media, advertising, public relations, publishing, and marketing.

Most courses are offered either online in an 8-week format or in an 8-week hybrid format where students meet one night per week. Some courses are offered in a 16-week online format. Some courses must be completed on campus.