University Student Learning Goals

During 2009-2010, an ad hoc steering committee of the Faculty Council was charged with developing student learning goals to govern upcoming planned curriculum changes. These goals were developed using the University Vision Statement, University Mission Statement, Diversity Statement, and Statement of Values as a guide. The following seven student learning goals reflect the principles on which a Stevenson University education is founded.

Self, Societies, and the Natural World The SU graduate will demonstrate a knowledge of self, others, diverse societies, and the natural world, through the integration of the liberal arts and professional studies.

Reasoning The SU graduate will use critical and creative thinking to locate and evaluate information, ask and answer questions, address issues, and solve problems.

Communication The SU graduate will communicate effectively for diverse audiences, situations, and purposes.

Ethics The SU graduate will exhibit personal and professional ethical reasoning and behavior.

Wellness The SU graduate will seek opportunities to promote well-being of self and others.

Career Readiness The SU graduate will reflect on, plan, and pursue personal and professional development.

Lifelong Learning The SU graduate will possess the foundations and skills for lifelong, integrative learning and contribution.