The Career Architecture Process

As a result of Stevenson’s formal strategic planning process, the president, administration, and faculty of Stevenson developed and introduced the concept of Career ArchitectureSM to the campus.

Career ArchitectureSM helps prepare students for the world of work from the beginning of their academic journey at Stevenson. Whether students are deciding upon or anticipating a specific major, Stevenson University offers a distinctive approach to explore new paths, change destinations, and map their own vision for the future. With the support of our career experts and committed faculty, the process of Career ArchitectureSM helps students develop a personalized strategic plan based on motivated strengths, interests, values, and individual goals.

At SU, we strive to inspire our students through exposure to a wealth of experiences, professionals, and real-world scenarios. This invaluable framework, plus timely tools and coaching, empowers Stevenson students to imagine their future and design their careers with a competitive advantage achieved by graduation. The process is a personal exploration for students to help them design their career paths beyond their first job. Through theory, practice, and mentoring, students acquire a strategy for lifelong career management and learning that contributes to future success.

Career ArchitectureSM is comprised of three elements that are introduced at various stages during students’ university years. The three elements of Career ArchitectureSM are:

  • Personal direction. We inspire our students to dream about their future and create their own journey. Students are encouraged to explore individual skills, values, and interests. One-on-one advising and career counseling assist them in developing a strategic career plan. The goal is to establish a strong foundation of increased self-awareness that leads to the creation of a personal plan for life and work.
  • Discipline expertise. Students build the expertise and relationships that they will need to start off competitive and connected in their field. Students develop expertise through many experiences. The goal is to develop these skills and know how to apply them to succeed in school, work, and life.
  • Professional know-how. Stevenson imparts the skills and tools students will need to navigate professional challenges and opportunities. This is accomplished through career and exploration events and activities. Students have the opportunity to engage either virtually or on-site in career strategic plan development, resume and interview preparation, video mock interviews, portfolio preparation, participation in on-campus recruiting sessions, networking support, and job search coaching. The goal is to introduce methods for each student to discover which career options are the best fit and to introduce methods and opportunities for professional career management and work after graduation.

Stevenson’s faculty, the Career Services staff, and administrators all work with members of area businesses and organizations to identify career exploration and preparation opportunities for Stevenson students from the day they first enroll in GPS. A combination of on-campus events and virtual experiences are available to GPS students to help them achieve their career goals.