Criminal Justice Program Description

The criminal justice program has a commitment to improving the quality of justice through education, research, and public service.

The program is dedicated to offering its majors a state-of-the-art education in criminal justice by providing them with a comprehensive and critical understanding of the criminal justice system and the society in which it functions. At the same time the faculty is committed to addressing the needs of our students and to preparing them to move into criminal justice careers or post graduate work as liberally educated, intellectually mature, ethically aware, and culturally sensitive professionals. Moreover, the program is dedicated to providing students throughout the university with opportunities to examine critically the broad questions of how justice is administered in American society and globally as well as confront the fundamental issues of criminal justice, which they face as professionals and as involved citizens.

The criminal justice program is also dedicated to excellence in research and scholarship by tackling criminal justice issues. The faculty is also committed to research that advances the teaching, assessment, and knowledge base of the field of criminal justice and also research that has policy implications and serves the goals of equity and efficiency in the administration of justice.

Most courses are scheduled either online in an 8-week format or in an 8-week hybrid format where students meet one night per week. Some courses are offered in a 16-week online format.