RN/BS Departmental Awards

The following awards are presented to RN to BS students at the GPS nursing pinning ceremonies held in May and December:

The Judith A. Feustle Award is presented to the RN/BS graduate who best exemplifies the holistic practice of nursing through excellence in clinical care, critical thinking, leadership and professionalism.

The Award for Creativity in Professional Development is presented to the RN/BS graduate who best exemplifies creativity in meeting the goals of the course of study; consistently demonstrating creativity beyond the expectations of the course objectives and using additional resources to promote creativity in problem-solving, professional development and excellence in patient care.

The recipient of the Persistence in Achievement Award best exemplifies determination and persistence in completing the RN/BS course of study. This graduate has encountered many obstacles to forward movement but has overcome them with academic integrity and social grace. The recipient has used personal strength and the support of peers and faculty to succeed.

The Professional Advancement Award is given to RN/BS graduates who exemplify enhanced practice and professionalism – taking advantage of opportunities to grow personally and professionally. As novice scholars starting the program, they have become shining stars with great potential for the future.

The Professionalism in Practice and Scholarship Award is presented to the RN/BS graduate who exemplifies professionalism in their course learning activities and in their nursing practice. This person demonstrates cooperation, accountability, intellectual curiosity, and informal leadership in academic activities. Class dialogues reveal the attributes of compassion, clinical competence, and ethical conduct in patient care activities.