Student Health Services

The Wellness Center offers limited primary care services by appointment with the University's physician or nurse practitioners. A minimal fee will be charged to the student's account for services and supplies; private health insurance is not accepted for payment. Tuberculin skin testing and free HIV testing are offered periodically during each semester.

Health Services has numerous informational brochures and resources addressing health issues and will offer assistance with community referrals. Health awareness and health promotion events are held frequently throughout the year. Activities include health education, screenings, and guest speakers. These events are sponsored by the Wellness Center and Responsible Education Awareness Leaders (R.E.A.L.), our peer education group. The R.E.A.L. team also partners with various Stevenson University clubs, organizations, and departments.

Student Health Requirements

All full-time commuter and resident students are required to have the Stevenson University Student Health Form completed by August 1 for fall entrance and January 2 for spring entrance. All full-time students are required to complete this form online even if they are turning in other health related records to other departments. Please refer to those specific departments for any health requirement questions, i.e. Athletics, School of the Sciences, and GPS. If a student was previously a part-time student and is now taking 12 or more credits, a Student Health Form must be completed. Students do not need to resubmit the Student Health Form every year. Students who have been away from Stevenson University for at least 2 years and are reapplying for admission as a full-time student must complete another Student Health Form.

In addition, all students living in Stevenson University residential housing are required to be immunized against meningococcal disease (meningitis). If the first dose of meningitis vaccine was administered before the student’s 16th birthday, a booster will be required before moving into residence on campus and the meningitis vaccination must not be older than 5 years from the date of move-in (Health-General Article 18-102(b) Annotated Code of Maryland 10.06.05 Meningococcal Vaccination Requirements for Students in Institutions of Higher Education). Commuter students who decide to become a resident are required to comply with additional immunization requirements as stated on the Student Health Form.

Failure to submit a completed Student Health Form will block a student from registering for future classes and/or lead to removal from housing.