Non-Degree Students (Undergraduate)

Non-degree students can only be part-time and are not eligible for financial aid. Admission as a non-degree seeking student requires submission of the following:

  1. Special Application for Non-degree Status

    form located on the Registrar's home page. Please click


    for the form.
  2. High school transcript - Required only for students who have been out of high school for less than two years and have not attended college.
  3. College transcripts -

    At the time of registration, students who wish to take a course that has a pre-requisite must submit a college transcript verifying successful completion of the prerequisite course. Some departments require the approval of the department chair prior to taking a 200 level or above course.
  4. A non-degree student may become a degree student by applying for and being granted formal admission. Application must be made prior to the student’s enrollment in the last 60 semester hours of academic credit required for a degree at Stevenson University. For admission as a degree student, a non-degree student must meet the same criteria as a freshman or transfer student.

A student denied admission as a degree student may enroll as a non-degree student only with the approval of the Director of Freshman Admissions.