Placement in Foreign Language Courses

Stevenson University offers elementary and intermediate level courses in French and Spanish. First-semester foreign language classes (101) are not open to native speakers or students with two or more years of high school study. Placement is required for second-semester classes (102) and intermediate levels (201 and 202). Incoming freshmen who have scored 500+ on the appropriate SAT subject test or who have completed three or more years of high school language within two years will be placed in an intermediate-level class. Placement can also be determined by scores on the Advanced Placement test, by International Baccalaureate achievement levels, or by a test or interview with an instructor. Full-time students interested in languages other than French and Spanish are eligible to participate in the Baltimore Student Exchange Program (BSEP) at area colleges and universities. Additional information about the BSEP can be found in the Courses at another Institution section under "Academic Information" in this catalog. Specific questions regarding foreign language placement should be directed to the chair of the English department.