Second Bachelorís Degrees

The second bachelor’s program is designed to meet the needs of graduates who wish to attain proficiency in another major field. To qualify for admission, students must hold a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution. A maximum of 90 transferable credits from a bachelor’s degree program from an accredited institution may be applied toward the second bachelor’s degree. The transferability of credits from a non-regionally accredited institution may be considered upon the receipt of documentation that provides course information, equivalencies, and learning outcomes. It is the student’s responsibility to provide such documentation.

In addition the student must fulfill all major requirements for the new program and must take the final 30 credit hours at Stevenson University. These 30 credits may not be met through the credit for prior learning option. To become fully acquainted with the program and its advantages, students should arrange for an appointment with the appropriate department chair or program coordinator. At that time, questions regarding formal admission, academic requirements, course load, and other topics can be discussed in detail. Students should bring copies of their college transcripts to this appointment.

Students who are earning two bachelor’s degrees at Stevenson University must complete all program requirements for each degree as well as complete a minimum of 30 credits which count only toward the second bachelor’s degree. These courses may consist of program requirements and general electives (if needed). To complete the second degree, students must have earned a minimum of 150 credits.