Visual Communication Design Department Awards

The Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Visual Communication Design Program has been established to recognize a student who has contributed greatly to the visual communication design program. This award is presented to one Stevenson University student who has consistently reached out to faculty and classmates, contributing time, energy, and support whenever it was needed. The awardee may have contributed to the department by acting as an unofficial ambassador or taking the initiative to help others without it being asked of her/him.

The Visual Communication Design Department Achievement Award has been established to recognize a student who has shown incredible growth and development throughout her/his course of study. The recipient of this award has embraced challenges and realized her or his full potential through dedication and hard work. This student has consistently applied her or himself to academic pursuits, both inside and outside the design studio and has become an outstanding role model, emblematic of the goals of higher education: to broaden one’s horizons, to gain confidence and maturity, to build valuable professional skills, and to emerge fully prepared to achieve his or her future goals.

The Visual Communication Design Department Award for Excellence has been established to recognize an outstanding visual communication designer. Finalists are selected based on academic performance (GPA and academic integrity) and asked to submit a digital portfolio for review by the faculty. The award is presented to the student whose portfolio best exhibits her/his exceptional design and creative problem-solving abilities, effective communication skills, and outstanding overall academic performance. In addition to recognizing extraordinary design, this award has been created to honor a student who has consistently embraced challenges and exceeded the expectations of faculty and peers by cultivating the multi-disciplinary skills (such as technological competency, confidence in presenting, and risk-taking independence) so vital to the success of any designer.