Applied Mathematics Program Description

The applied mathematics major provides students with an array of courses that build mathematical skills. Students graduate with a solid background in mathematics and statistics and the ability to use data to solve problems in various disciplines. Critical and analytic thinking skills make Applied Mathematics majors highly employable in government, the private sector, and education.

In addition to their core mathematics coursework, students choose a track which allows them to pursue their mathematical interests in a particular field. These tracks are Actuarial Mathematics, which prepares students to work towards careers as actuaries in insurance, financial, and government careers; Business Mathematics, which prepares students to work in financial, managerial, and business analysis careers; Scientific Mathematics, which prepares students to work in pharmaceutical, medical, and scientific careers; and Interdisciplinary Mathematics, which prepares students to work in educational and more general mathematical careers.

Each student in the major will also complete a senior capstone course, choosing either a research option or an internship option. Both options will enable students to apply their mathematical skills in the professional mathematics culture or to a discipline related to their interests.