Chemistry Program Description

Chemistry is one of the three basic areas that form the foundation of all science and is essential for a complete understanding of the physical world. Focusing on the study of matter, the field of chemistry includes a wide variety of basic areas ranging from the study of atoms, the chemical bond, and basic chemical reactions to the exploration of applied topics, including biochemistry, medicinal and drug chemistry, forensic science, physical and quantum chemistry, and instrumentation.

Stevenson University's chemistry program, planned in accordance with the requirements of the American Chemical Society (ACS), offers a broad selection of courses for students in chemistry and provides an excellent background for any scientific or technological career. Laboratory work and research are emphasized throughout the curriculum. With modern instrumentation and laboratory facilities, students develop excellent laboratory and analytical skills, preparing them for employment in the chemical industry, graduate study in chemistry, or a career in a variety of professional arenas, including pharmacy, medicine, and dentistry.